To be licensed as a journeyman electrician in the state, you will have to satisfy a number of North Dakota electrician permit prerequisites:
1. Possess at least four yrs (8,000 hrs) of electrical on-the-job experience
2. Submit an Application for Electrician’s License to the North Dakota State Electrical Board (NDSEB)
3. Undergo and ace the ND electrician accreditation test
You will be able to obtain as much as a year’s credit in the event that you have completed a 2-year electrical training course recognized by the North Dakota State Electrical Board.
Along with electrician assembly experience, you will be able to account for your work experience hrs by using any combination of these tasks:
– Servicing and restoring electrical circuits and equipment (Max of 2,000 hrs)
– Installing and maintaining power, light, heat and fire alarm systems (No more than a thousand hrs)
– Cabling and servicing process management devices (Limit of 2,000 hrs)
– Military services electrical building work experience (A maximum of two thousand hrs)
In the event that you have been a ND registered apprentice, you’re going to also be required to submit an official sealed transcript in the event that you have gone to a NDSEB recognized technical school as well as an Apprenticeship Training Completion Certificate in conjunction with your form.
Taking The North Dakota Electrician Certification Exam
In order to undergo the North Dakota electrical certificate exam, you must submit an application to the North Dakota State Electrical Board. The journeyman permit Industrial Electrician Test admin cost is twenty five dollars and needs to be attached with the application for the application to be looked at. The administration fee is non-refundable.
To show that you’ve fulfilled the work experience prerequisites, you should also get your prior and current companies to each fill out an Employment Verification Record. Each one of these documents has to detail your specific employment commencement Understanding Electrical Cables and ending dates together with the amount of hours accumulated, and be autographed and notarized by an accredited master electrician. You aren’t allowed to employ union records or letters to substantiate your practical experience.
When your application has been processed and okayed, you will be allowed to plan your electrician assessment. The North Dakota electrician certification exam is open book and is based on the 2011 edition of the National Electrical Code. You must get a minimum of 70% to pass the test.
When you’ve passed the exam and been given your license, you will be required to renew your certificate every year by coughing up a renewal charge of twenty five dollars. You are going to also have to do no less than eight hours of continuing electrical education, four hours of which must be on the most recent version of the National Electrical Code, in order to renew your certification.

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