To acquire your Alabama electrician permit and become a journeyman electrician in the state, you must satisfy a number of requirements:
1. Have four years of work experience
2. Send in the electrical accreditation form
3. Take and successfully pass the electrical certification examination
Obtaining the mandatory experience is not a challenge, and may be carried out with any number of apprenticeship programs. It is important to be aware that the AECB will offer you credit for the electrical certifications that you have from any trade college or tertiary level training course.
For one year of instruction you’ve gotten from an electrician program, you can attain credit for one thousand hours of work experience up to a maximum of 2,000 hours. Simply put, Master Electrician Near Me it is possible to do away with one year off the on-the-job experience criteria in the event that you’ve finished an electrician training course which lasted two years or more.
Doing The Alabama Electrician Certificate Assessment
If you want to undergo the journeyman accreditation examination, you need to complete the electrical certification application which can be found on the Alabama Electrical Contractors Board site. Basic Electrical Course Pdf You are going to be required to include a Work Affidavit together with your application as confirmation of your on-the-job experience. Needless to say, you cannot sign your own Work Affidavit.
Here are the individuals who are able to fill in your Work Affidavit:
– HR Department
– Qualified Electrician Contractor
– Electrical Engineer
The moment you’ve done the application and also the Work Affidavit, you can mail them in along with a check or money order for $115.00 to the Alabama Electrical Contractors Board (AECB). You will need to submit the application prior to the due date in the quarter which you will be wanting to take the examination in. Once your application is okayed, you are going to be sent an authorization letter informing you the instructions to set up the certification test.
You will have just ninety days from the day you acquire the notification to schedule your exam, which is why it is really vital for you to be all set for the examination before you submit the application. In the event that you fail to schedule your test during the 90 day interval, then you are going to be required to fill out a “re-take form” and pay out a further fee to receive a new authorization notice.
The Alabama electrical certification test is based around the 2011 NEC and also the relevant local and state codes. The examination has 110 questions and it’s five hours long, and you’ll need to achieve no less than 75% on your exam to pass.

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