The Regulations are for You
Electrical safety regulations are sophisticated and vital. For the smaller business or domestic market not only do you risk your possessions but the lives of your loved ones.
We take electrical safety for granted and rarely give a thought to wiring that may have been laid down years ago. We cannot see it and so assume it has not deteriorated. A great percentage of fires are caused by faulty electrics yet largely it remains an unperceived risk.
Sensitive areas like kitchens and bathrooms are subject to particular stress conditions. Electrical safety regulations and technological improvements are changing all the time. What may have seemed Wireman Tools Name adequate twenty or thirty years ago may well be no longer considered a safe electrical installation. How many houses, public houses and fast food outlets are functioning with outdated electrics?
Particular Problems with Commercial and Industrial Sites
A commercial or industrial site has many particular reasons to find a trusted provider. Not only is there a life and limb consideration but they need to be assured their electrical contractor will provide quality work that will be delivered on time and with all the current building control regulations satisfied. In short their reputation is on the line.
The first and most important task is to ascertain that your electrical contractor has the required qualifications and expertise. Modern electrical installation is technological and ring-fenced with complex regulations. It is beyond the layman to make a judgment and this is where trade organizations come in.
Checking your Electrical Contractor
For example, is your electrician a member of NICEIC? You can run a number of checks through them. NICEIC keeps a register of members and their qualifications. Not only do their members have to demonstrate trust, competence and expertise but the member is subject to a regular annual assessment. In addition they have a complaints procedure and are insurance covered.
Narrowing How To Apply For Electrician License the Field
Once you have got this far you might ask how do I narrow the field down? Many firms compete for work nationally but you may feel geography is a defining factor. If your enterprise is based in or near, say, Essex then look to see if any provider defines themselves a Essex Electrician, or some variation.
This is the stage to check out websites and ask questions. For example, are their operatives in possession of City and Guilds Domestic Installer Part P, 17th Edition and so on?
Try to get a feel of their management structure. Some larger companies can be a little faceless. How important to you is it to know that the man whose name is over the door is contactable? This is an important issue when ironing out inevitable developments at a later date.
Check to see if their site has verifiable testimonials from repeat customers and ask directly about their familiarity with local Building Control Regulations. Remember your electrical contractor’s expertise in this area will save you time, money and even maybe your business and life.

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