Perhaps you’ve never considered being an Electrician as a job but it comes with lots of benefits. One strong benefit is that in these days which as everyone knows are extremely uncertain day to day, an electricians job is a lot more secure than a Banker’s. The electrician may not earn as much initially but he retains his skills and qualifications for the rest of his life. So does the Banker, but the List Of Electrical Tools And Equipment difference is that when the power gets shut down in your home unexpectedly, who are you going to call? The electrician or the Banker? An obvious answer of course, but there’s lots more possibility of the bank closing its doors than the electrical company closing its doors, therefore the electrician will always have a job while the banker may well be sitting on the park bench wishing he had a job.
An electrician has to undergo a rigorous working apprenticeship for four years along with written and oral examinations along the way. Not everybody makes it. The first year is especially tough as the young apprentice tends to get the monotonous work day after day and the wages he get each week are low. But by the second year the apprentice is starting to learn the ropes and starting to give as much as he gets from the other staff.
After completing the four year apprenticeship, the apprentice is now a fully qualified Electrician and has many options to chose from. He can become a residential or domestic electrician, servicing home, he can become an industrial electrician, working with construction teams installing wiring into new, or, refurbished, high rise buildings and industrial and retail buildings such as shopping malls, or, he can set his or her sights in other directions, such as data cabling, lighting or security. All these areas have certain appeal.
A Data Cabling electrician can become a specialist in the lucrative area of cabling a commercial building for Internet and broadband connections. These contracts can be extremely lucrative as large companies are continually updating their cabling as technology evolves to take advantage of faster and faster connections and beat their competitors Who To Call For Electrical Problems at their game. It’s doubtful that the newly qualified electrician would have wide experience in data cabling straight out of his apprenticeship but he will have certainly have some. It should be relatively easy to get an opening in this field though and after a few years, would be capable of starting a business and be self employed in this.
A Lighting Electrician can mean many things. They may do lighting work for domestic situations for example, landscaping projects, or, industrial projects, installing and possibly helping design for large projects. But, maybe more exciting for a young electrician would be the possibility of becoming a specialist lighting electrician, or, as it’s more commonly known as, a lighting engineer for a rock and roll, or, hip hop band, travelling with the band and being responsible for all the lighting gear and setting up the light show.
Thirdly, the newly qualified electrician can become a Security Electrician, specializing in providing and installing the latest security equipment into a residential house, or, industrial site.
Whatever he or she chooses there’s many different paths to take and a lifetime of great opportunities awaits.

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