Recessed lighting allows you to design with creativity! These lights are offered in numerous finishes and shapes and are designed to be used Chances Of Dying As An Electrician in lots of creative ways. These fixtures add drama or accent, attention and shine. These design guidelines will light up your imagination.
Variety and Selection
Adding a recessed light to a finished ceiling is very simple. Special housings are manufactured that slide into a hole cut into the ceiling with a drill bit. Low voltage recessed Industrial Electrician Jobs In Texas lights are available as well. If you have sloped ceilings, they sell swiveling covers that can tilt the light directly onto the floor so it doesn’t shine in your eyes.
They make air tight fixtures that save you up to 2.6 million cubic feet of air per year from leaking out of the fixture! That equates to about 1 million BTU’s of energy loss that you prevent by using these air tight fixtures.
Exterior Lighting
A covered entrance is an outstanding place for recessed lighting. Whether the style is traditional or contemporary, each can benefit with this lighting design. Contemporary styling fits beautifully with this design. However even a Victorian house can be transformed with this design. Utilizing a recessed light to flood your ornate door, or spotlight your painting design at night is spectacular on Victorians. Just as you would use landscape lighting for highlighting trees, use recessed lighting to shower your home with light.
You can put fixtures in cantilevered floors and beams or other architectural objects on your ceiling, etc. to highlight your home’s individual features. You will be delighted by how outstanding the effect actually is!
Interior Lighting
Consider placing fixtures above your fireplace mantel to highlight its beauty, or putting pot lights with soft light along the walls on either side of the room to show the room in a quiet, peaceful, serene mood. A fixture above your desk can give you focused lighting while your work.
Adding recessed lighting to your dining room can add ambiance and romance to your room. You can have a chandelier as well that operate independently of the recessed lighting to combine with the recessed fixtures or use each alone. You can add recessed lighting to built-in shelves to highlight dishes, art, collections or anything you would like the eyes drawn to.
These fixtures above bathtubs, showers and mirrors in the bathroom work great. Many are thrilled to be able to finally see while showering because of the extra light. The mood can be changed by installing a dimmer switch for a hot relaxing bath.
Fixtures in closets are safer than exposed light bulbs because nothing can accidentally fall upon the light bulb and start a fire. Plus, you can add fixtures in shelves to be able to find things in your closet more easily.
It is best to call an electrician to have them install recessed lighting wherever you need it. They are experts, they have all the tools and they can complete the job efficiently and quickly. You can pick your own fixtures if you like, but definitely have an electrician install them so they are safe and meet all the electrical codes.

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