For a lot of internet marketers, eBook sales are a cornerstone in their online business efforts. The majority of internet marketers will have promoted and sold eBooks, either as an affiliate or an author, at some point in their business careers.
Currently, most eBooks are distributed in PDF format, which is suitable for the popular Adobe Acrobat reader. Almost everybody has already got a copy of Acrobat on their notebook or PC, so this makes a lot of sense. Anyone who does not already have a copy of this program can simply visit Adobe’s website where they can download it free Level 3 Diploma In Electrotechnical Services of charge. Whether you have authored the eBook yourself or bought PLR rights, publishing should be an uncomplicated process. There are any number of programs which allow you to produce a PDF file. After that you simply need to market and promote your eBook in order to make sales. A lot of marketers choose to use ClickBank for this.
However, there is a fairly new publishing method available which you may not have considered up to now. At the moment, the Amazon Kindle reader is a hot and trendy gadget. It’s a very nice example of a portable consumer electronic device. The fact that practically every new eBook reader which displays any potential at all is immediately dubbed the “Kindle Killer”, demonstrates that the Kindle is not only the market leader, but the benchmark against which all new readers will be measured. The thing to note, from a marketing perspective, is the fact that more people use the Kindle than any other kind of eBook reader.
Apart from the hardware technology itself, one of the important factors in the success of the Kindle to date has been the huge library of Kindle books available on the Amazon website for readers to choose from. Currently, there are over 420,000 titles on offer – and this number is growing at an average rate of 500 new books every day.
Which is interesting, but what opportunities does it afford you as an Internet marketer? As well as providing a new method of reading books the Kindle also enables new publishing methods.
You need an Amazon account – this is free (if you have ever bought items from Amazon’s web store then you already have one) – and then you can publish Kindle books quickly and easily. All you require to do is save your How Is Electricity Used In Industry book – you can use standard software such as Microsoft Word for example – in HTML format and then upload it to the Amazon website. In a matter of minutes your eBook could be on sale in the world’s biggest book shop.
You can set the sales price of your eBook at whatever level you like. However, as long as you fix your price somewhere between $0.99 and $9.99, you will receive 70% of the sales price of any books which sell. In order to cover delivery fees, Amazon make a small deduction. Generally this is a very small sum – a few cents is typical – which is determined by the size of the book in kilobytes. This might be less than you could make selling a $47 eBook – nevertheless, the potential sales volume coupled with the fact that the process is free, may well make it an attractive option for you.
The Amazon Kindle is often proposed to be the future of books. Obviously this applies to both books and eBooks. Releasing a Kindle version of your eBook might be a good opportunity for you to profit from this new technology. Perhaps you might like to think about publishing a Kindle edition of the next eBook that you release?

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