An electrician is not someone who only comes home when your circuit breaks or you need to change the bulb, but is a qualified professional that today takes care of commercial and industrial requirements as well. Electrical work is not only joining two wires, but is a much more complex job of wiring the house in such a way that it is efficiently and safely carried out.
This article deals with what a professional electrician Premier Payroll Login requires and does and why this is a good career option.
Education Needed:
Most electricians are required to achieve certain educational standards before they are considered qualified. They can enter the field after a period of apprenticeship with a qualified electrician who has experience in the field for a long time. Apprenticeship can be long lasting (almost 4 years) which includes classroom teaching and on-site learning. Most electricians have to be licensed or certified from the city or state electrical boards in order to practice in a particular area. A commercial electrician also requires training in the field of commercial electrical work which is different from domestic electrical work. Some employers even send their employees to schools to get more knowledge and hone their skill which in turn is beneficial to both parties.
Work Conditions:
Normally electricians work a normal 40 hour week, though many times a certified electrician is required to work overtime and even work on holidays and weekends, especially when a job needs to be completed on time. Most electrical repair jobs that are open for 24 hours a day have the electricians working 3 shifts a day. Also commercial electricians don’t take on residential projects and domestic electricians don’t take on commercial projects as each field is specific in its needs. Industrial electricians need to be knowledgeable about the electrical work required in the factories other wise the job can be done wrongly which can be dangerous.
A certified electrician will also have to work both indoors and outdoors. Some hazards of the occupation are knee and back Electrician Job Education Requirements problems as you are kneeling or bending over for extended periods of time and another threat is of being electrocuted.

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