Atlanta has seen a tremendous growth in the last couple of decades that has been true to its motto “Resurgence” or Rising Again. With expansion, many changes have been made in our lifestyles. Modern electrical gadgets have made their way into our homes, and have caused a steep rise in our power bills in the process.

Atlanta residents have been looking for a number of ways to cut their energy usage so that they can save money and do their part for the planet by reducing their dependency on non-renewable sources of energy. A shift in using fluorescent lamps or CFLs (compact fluorescent lamp) is one such step.

Using fluorescent bulbs provides users with numerous advantages over traditionally used incandescent lamps. Not only are these lamps available in many varieties, but they also consume less electricity, last longer, and have a greater surface area that helps in better illumination.

There has also been an increasing trend of using dimmer switches in homes for creating the right ambience and to save energy. However, if you use fluorescent lamps with dimmer switches that aren’t labeled as such, you will be thoroughly disappointed.

When you try using normal dimmer switches with CFLs. You may find that:

Lamps won’t light up

You will hear a buzzing noise Electrical Maintenance Services when the lamp is switched on

You may experience unstable light output, with the lamp going on and off constantly

The lifetime of your CFL will Is High Frequency Ac Dangerous decrease drastically

Fluorescent lights are essentially “inductive” in nature, while conventional bulbs are “resistive”. Therefore, a dimmer that is designed for a normal bulb cannot be used with a fluorescent fixture. However, manufacturers of CFLs have found the solution to the problem and have now introduced dimmer CFLs that they have specially designed for dimming ballasts and should be installed by the electricians in Atlanta.

In conventional bulbs, a dimmer switch simply reduces the power to the bulb. This cannot be done in the case of a fluorescent bulb, as its filament needs to be heated to a particular level to make it illuminate. Dimming ballast used with fluorescent bulbs acts like a central hub that controls the amount of power flowing to the bulbs.

Earlier, magnetic dimming ballast was used with fluorescent bulbs, and this has now been replaced by electronic ballasts. However, due to the high prices of dimmer ballasts for CFLs, these are just being used for commercial purposes.

If you are looking to dim the fluorescent lights in your home contact an experienced electrical contractor in Atlanta today.

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