Buy a Kinect to Lose Weight

According to studies by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), 33 percent of Americans are obese. The Entertainment Software Association reports that 69 percent of Americans play video games or own a video game unit. This information means that one out of three people are affected by obesity yet; two out of three people own a video game system. Since so many people own some sort of video gaming platform, why not utilize it to lower the odds of obesity? Microsoft’s latest video game peripheral the Kinect, allows gamers to exercise while gaming. The Kinect is a webcam style add-on for Xbox 360 which allows the user to control and interact with the console without the need to touch a game controller. This add-on makes the console physically interactive.

In 2006, Nintendo introduced one of the first motion interactive gaming systems, the Wii. However, the Wii uses a wireless remote to make the system interactive. This method will only potentially help tone your arms at best. While the Wii is a good system to have, it’s only the stepping stone to the great possibilities one can have while working out and having fun. Imagine using your whole body to exercise and play video games. The Kinect was built with this particular factor in mind.

The great thing about the Kinect is unlike the Wii, it doesn’t need a peripheral on top of another peripheral to make it worthwhile. With the Kinect all you need is your person, it is completely hands and peripheral free. At launch the Kinect had a plethora of exercise capable games at your disposal. Some of those games mentioned include:

The Biggest Loser: a fitness game based on the popular TV show, which allows you to exercise with others online, track and record your progress and set goals.

Your Shape Fitness Evolved: allows you to have your own trainer with a tailored workout plan and progression report. It’s so advanced it has its own unprecedented feedback system.

Dance Central: While this isn’t a workout game per se, it can be just as good. Reenact popular dance moves from past and present while also shedding the pounds. Make losing weight fun.

There are even more Kinect games that will give you a proper workout. Therefore, it is imperative to game owners to take advantage of the saying “kill two birds with one stone”. Game and lose weight today!  visit

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