There are more than a few positions that could be termed lower level jobs on the offshore oil rig platforms. Among these are roustabouts, riggers, housekeepers and galley hands. One thing that all of these jobs have in common is the requirement to be in good physical condition; all shifts are twelve hours, and you will be going two to three weeks straight.
Realistically the oil jobs industry isn’t for the light weight. It means that you are going to have to be in great shape and with all the work that you’re going to be doing, you’re going to stay that way.
One of the tasks of the rigging roustabout crew is to work with the crane operators and barge captains to load and unload the supply ship on their daily or twice daily runs. Offshore oil platforms are dependent on having supplies shipped in, so making sure that the process runs smoothly is essential to the proper operation of the drilling platform.
By means of comparison, land-based drilling operations are often in remote First Aid For Electric Shock Pdf locations, so there aren’t a whole lot of material comforts to be had.
The person who is seeking lower level employment as a drilling roustabout on an oil well needs to be aware of that they will be working hard, and be part of a great team. They will be expected to work as part of that team and get their work accomplished. There are no babysitters on the oil rig. You are given a job and expected to accomplish it in a short time.
You will have to take survival and also firefighting and emergency medical classes for some rig work. This expands your horizons and believe it or not, makes you a lot more in demand. If you’ve got some training in emergency response, you’re quite a lot more likely to get hired as a roustabout because you have more skills to offer to your employer.
Some additional qualities that employers look for in new hires include having some mechanical aptitude and being comfortable with both hand and power tools; having a good work ethic and a good attitude about things, being able to demonstrate some competence and professionalism in previous work assignments, and showing your future employer that you have some grit, and are willing to work extremely hard to prove your worth the company.
The pay for your work will vary, but typically it will start at about $ 45,000 to $60,000 per year including benefits. Where else can you get this kind of pay, and this kind of fun for a job that is Electrician Business Plan Pdf really manual labor and learning on the job? Believe it or not, when all is said and done, these jobs are the kind of jobs that make amazing teams and friendships that will last your entire life.

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