Home Maintenance is an art. While it has many advantages for the occupant of the house, well maintained houses have a certain premium attached to them when it comes to selling. These houses help you earn a premium over and above the market price. You should be assisted by a tool kit which should always be Insulator And Conductor handy. You must always be ready with tools such as the hammer, screw driver set, nails, tape, penknife and pliers. Once you indulge in a home maintenance exercise you start enjoying this do it yourself exercise. Make sure you follow the following simple yet effective tools for basic house maintenance.
Unblocking the drains – You start with pouring boiling water into the plughole. If this does not work, you will have to resort to chemicals such as the caustic soda. You can however avoid drain blockages by regular use of drain cleaners.
Handling the water supply – These are times you need to switch the hot and cold supply of water on and off. You need to be aware of the physical location of the stop valve and the cistern for handling the supply of hot and cold water.
Maintain the appliances – Appliances such as the water heating system, air conditioning system and the electrical systems require high repair costs. You are better off to ensure appliances requiring high repair costs are well covered under an insurance plan. Always better to insist on regular servicing of high value appliances which would prevent periodic break down.
Maintaining the landscape – landscaping is best enjoyed when you manage it well. It comes only with experience and starts with a simple guide on how to landscape yourself.
Maintenance of the swimming pool – Learn those few very simple steps to regularly clean your swimming pool. How you clean the pool depends upon the type of water to use for your pool
Inlets for fresh air – Make sure you have days when the French windows are fully open to help circulation of air inside the house. This is best done when you have a long and relaxing day in your house. Just get up and vacuum clean the house. It is a fantastic feeling and a good stress free exercise to periodically attend to the cleanliness of the house.
While it is always useful to have a do it yourself approach to the art of basic house maintenance, there may be times when you need to rely on experts and professional assistance. Share the phone numbers and contact details of such agencies and workmen for those emergency situations. In case you are staying as a tenant, you must inform the landlord of situations New Electrical Business or issues which merit his attention. If you are planning to move to a new house, it would be advisable to get to know all about the electrical system including the fuses and the location of the valves and cisterns. Do tell your family members the way you make use of these valves and which knob to turn off or on during those emergency situations.

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