1. Would you rather watch TV instead of doing just about anything else?
2. If you happen to be at someone’s house eating dinner while your favorite show is on — do you ask to be excused to watch it?
3. Do you have a difficult time remembering important things in life, but always remember the TV schedule?
4. Do you look forward to coming home every night after work Electrical Contracting Business Plan at just the exact time that your favorite program is on?
5. Do you prepare to watch television with certain foods and don’t eat a single bite until the show starts?
6. Do you know all the TV channels by heart without checking the guide?
7. Do you sing TV theme songs in your mind throughout the day?
8. Do you wait on “pins and needles” for the fall lineup of new shows?
9. Do you find yourself always talking about something you saw on TV as conversation?
10. Do you dream of owning a full screen theatre television with surround sound and theatre seating?
11. Do you schedule your life around TV shows, even though you Premier Electrical Staffing Orlando Fl can tape them? (just because you’d rather watch them live?)
12. Is your DVR always around 98% full?
You know, life’s too short to stay on the couch. Think about what other things you could do; such as, Read a good book, Plan a Picnic, Keep a Journal, Bring your family to the library, Plan a family bike ride, Make your family tree with photographs, Listen to audio books, Check out other ways to earn a decent income!

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