Finding an apprentice electrician to add to your workforce is not so difficult but there are some key factors to be considered such as recruiting the right trainee for the job and knowing your responsibilities as an employer.
An apprentice or trainee electrician can be a real asset to any electrical business. In a small company an extra pair of hands is always useful and given the right training and guidance an apprentice can help to make your business more productive. Most electrical contractors who employ apprentices find that it is a good way to increase their workforce whilst keeping financial overheads low and statistics show that customers also tend to favor companies which use apprentices. For larger companies apprenticeship schemes are seen as an investment with lasting rewards. They are a cost effective way to train new staff and provide the skilled workers that they need for future development.
There are no shortage of apprentice electricians and electrician’s mates looking for jobs, as can be seen by simply searching the internet. Many have already begun their training and have attained NVQ Level 2 qualifications or higher. Electrical trainees are very internet savvy and soon realize that electrical related forums and blogs can be an excellent resource to find information about electricians and the electrical industry. They are also great places to post their details and make contact with prospective employers and these are the one of the first places to look when you want to find an apprentice electrician to recruit for your business.
The UK Government are keen to encourage school leavers to learn a trade and many have enrolled on courses and college based apprenticeships but have been unable to find work placements to gain practical experience. A problem occurs when advanced apprentices, who have been studying for around two years, are required to be employed whilst working towards ‘work-based’ learning qualifications such as an NVQ Level 3. These students are often enthusiastic with a good knowledge of electrical theory and the wiring regulations but have only minimal ‘on the job’ experience.
Some trainees may be prepared to work for little or no pay to gain valuable work experience. This can show commitment and enthusiasm Best Electricians Jacket however please be aware that those receiving Unemployment Benefit must notify the authorities even when earning little or no money.
If you are considering offering a work placement to an electrical trainee, your local technical college or training centre will be able to give advice and explain ways that apprenticeship Electrician Benefits schemes might work for you and if funding is available. As an employer you would also need to know about any financial and legal implications relating to apprentices and trainees.

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