So you own a business and you are wondering if you should install exit and emergency lighting, or perhaps you are wondering if your current system is up to par. Many such systems are upgraded and installed in areas such as Atlanta. Electricians who do the installations go about this work with a sense of pride, for they know that they are playing a large role in saving lives. They can all tell a story or two of situations where some professionally installed lights in the right places have quite literally meant the difference between life and death for someone suddenly and unexpectedly finds themselves in an emergency situation.
Every year countless people find themselves trapped in buildings that are on fire. It’s hot, things happen quickly and one has trouble seeing through the smoke. Many people have lost their lives in this tragic situation, far too many of them were close to an exit, unaware that salvation was only Electrical License In Tamilnadu a few steps away. In recent years, however, the number of fatalities in fires in public buildings has gone down considerably with the growing trend of installing exit lighting. Many grateful people have seen that familiar four-letter word cutting through the smoke and guiding them to safety.
Suppose that fire is in your business, or your neighborhood has a power outage, or any one of a number of other emergency situations take place. Most any emergency situation has two things How To Open Circuit Breaker Box in common; no one sees them coming and the lights usually go out. Emergency situations can be crazy, confusing and chaotic as is, and in the darkness all this is exponentially worse.
For this reason, adequate emergency lighting is essential to a well organized and safe business. In fact, as any electrical contractor in Atlanta will tell you, there are some cities where exit and emergency lighting is required by law.
It is true that there are a few ignorant business owners who don’t know or don’t care enough to acknowledge the legal standards for exit and emergency lighting. Perhaps they never lost anyone to a situation where it was dark and a hasty exit was necessary for survival. Certainly they’ve never found themselves in a dangerous predicament, grateful for a guiding light to show them the way to safety. Hopefully, they will come to realize the necessity having adequate exit and emergency lighting installed in their own businesses before they have to learn a tragic and all too costly lesson.

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