We all know that electrical work relates to technical adjustments which are not really possible with hands. You require proper and correct tools in order to work with the mechanism of electrics; otherwise it can prove to be fatal and may cause some serious damage to electrician.
With the modern advancement of technology, electrician now uses a wide range of tools and equipments while dealing with electrical issues. There are specific tools which are only applied on specific cases and there are few general tools that are used in most of the cases. The electrician usually carries the general tools and equipments along to work places but in serious and critical cases, they take the help of the modern developed machines that performs the task more quickly, efficiently and most importantly, safely.
Types of tools and equipments used by the electrical contractors
Basic tools – The basic tools include the hand tools used in general repairing services and are required the most. There are quite a number of hand tools that an electrician usually uses and it includes a range of different lengths and sizes of screwdrivers and square screwdrivers, a hex key set and nut drivers. A variety of pliers are also used by them like the diagonal cut pliers, channel lock pliers, long-nose pliers, needle-nose pliers, and side-cutting pliers.
The electrical contractor even makes use of a duo of tin cutter, a key hole cutter, straight razor knife, wire strippers, hacksaw frame, cut off saw and also an electricians knife that cuts all the electrical associates. More equipment like center punch, cold chisel, scratch tool, reamer, tri-tap, regulating wrench, tap wrench set, half round file and semi-circular wrench. Tools like basic tape measures, square, laser measuring tool, fish poles and tapes. Few general tools and accessories that form an eccentric part of an electrician are carpenters pencils, labeling machine, flashlight, nail puller, level, chalk line, blades, electricians hammer and lastly fuse puller.
Power Tools and Testers – These are of immense use to the electrician as it reduces much of their efforts applied. These are modern machineries, highly integrated and useful. It includes reciprocating saws, spiral saws, power drills, cordless screwdrivers, portable band saws and these are carried along either with the help of modern tools bags, an electrician’s belt or an electricians pouch so that the tools are placed in order and does not get misplaced.
The expert technicians even require AC/DC volt-amp meter, power On Call Electrician testers, VDV tools and testers and neon circuit tester.
Now it is quite certain that the electrician does not require such a huge list of equipments every time they go to fix some electrical issue. As the customer relates the issue to them, they judge on the problem and then decide on the tools required to fix it. They ensure to carry all the possible instruments that will cover up the problem. The electricians usually prefer to carry light weight instruments and always include general hand tools that are most often required and used.
Safety Precautions
Above all, electricians use variety of safety measures to keep them safe from electrical hazards. It includes insulating gloves, glasses, Residential Electric Companies Near Me flame defiant clothing, dielectric footwear, restraining blanket and different types of shields providing the much needed protection.

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