3 Smart Steps to Secure an Android Phone

Android a popular mobile platform is the most preferred choice of phone among people today. The Android as a Smartphone has indeed gained good popularity within a short period of time. The Android Smartphone is a device which helps people multi task with the latest Google Apps. One can clearly state that this phone is just beyond smart because it makes its users task easy. Owning a Smartphone alone is not enough today with lots of thefts happening. Like how every device requires security, Android phones too require security so that they remain safe. In this article we would basically talk about three steps to take for Android Smartphone security.

Government is taking lots of efforts by introducing new Apps for Android phone security. Hence, securing the current generation Android phone is not at all a matter to worry. Every phone needs a security because it contains confidential information which should not be exposed to strangers. When it comes to securing your Android phone there are three important steps which you must keep in mind.

•Firstly you need to stop all physical access to the phone. If a person tends to find your lost phone then you would certainly not want him or her to switch on your phone and gain access to all its information. There are some phones which consist of dual authentication programs which are simple to add others. If you attempt to configure the cell phone for deleting all the information, after a number of failed attempts you are all set with your check box. A lot of Android phones lock automatically if it’s not used for some time. This ultimately keeps your phone secured.

•Second important step which you need to keep in mind is whether the matter of the phone is safe and secure. Android phones already consist of security protocols which a user can set up for securing his or her phone. All the matter is then deleted and erased from the phone if the phone does not connect to its home network. Also the user can very well encrypt the data to 265 which is very good for a classified data

•Last but not the least; user can freely add priority protocols like HAIPE (High Assurance Internet Protocol Encrypt) because the NSA requires access to all government’s classified secure IP router.

In the above mentioned two steps Android service code is needed whereas in the last step it is not necessary as it helps in securing the communications going from the Android phone. Only for the purpose of securing Android Smartphone Google had to come under a partnership and create Secure Android Kernel. The Secure Kernel; is designed in a way that it helps in blocking communication going out from the phone in case of some security violation.

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